Lens types and Eyewear recommendations

What we provide is resin lens

The resin lens is light, not easy to break, and can be dyed into a variety of rich colors. After years of development, the coating technology of the resin lens has been very mature, and it can be surface hardened or multi-layered to prevent reflection and make the field of vision clearer.

  1. Light weight: The ratio of resin lens (eg: CR39) to glass lens is 1.312:2.54, and the weight of the same volume of resin is about 1/2 of that of glass.
  2. Not easy to break: The resin lens has excellent impact resistance, which is about 20 times that of the glass lens.
  3. Can be dyed: can be dyed freely, providing a wealth of color options.
  4. Block ultraviolet rays: 99% of ultraviolet rays can be blocked.

If you need other types of lenses, you can ask for an independent quotation from our company.

We provide customers with high-quality lens products at preferential prices

According to different brands or lens technologies (e.g.: refractive index, single aspheric lens (AS/ASP), double aspheric lens (bi-ASP), free-form surface lens, coating processing, oil and water repellent coating, anti-static coating, anti-blue light, color change film (Transitions, Sensity 2). Starting from HKD$199, we provide high-quality aspheric lenses at different prices.

Choosing Essilor & Hoya & Tokai & Nikon lens will be with the original lens bag. 
Lens packing

Suggestions for optional lenses for different myopia degrees and frame sizes

Most customers are looking for thin and light lenses. In addition to high refractive index lenses, it is also very important to choose the right size of the glasses frame. The edge thickness of the same lens on different sizes of spectacle frames will be different. If you have deep myopia, the difference in edge thickness will be greater. For deep myopia, you should choose a small frame.

Of course, it is also very important to look good on the face.

Taking the most common 52mm-size spectacle frame as an example. It is recommended to match lenses of different degrees. If the degree is over 800 degrees, you should choose a fine-sized frame (e.g: 46-48mm) so that the lens will not protrude from the edge of the frame.

Myopia + Astigmatism

(Total Power)

Small frame / 
round frame
Large frame
0 ~ 2001.5 / 1.561.56 / 1.6
200 ~ 6001.56 / 1.61.6 / 1.67
600 ~ 8001.6 / 1.671.67 / 1.74 / 1.76
800 ~ 10001.74 / 1.76

It is not recommended to use large frames

Above 10001.74 / 1.76It is not recommended to use large frames

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