Lens Replacement Service [60-day warranty]

Warranty for Lens Replacement Service

Start from the day you receive the product, we provide a 60-day warranty for the new lens.

If you find that the quality of the lens does not meet our description, you can apply for a free remade lenses (with our justifications).

  1. Quality Issue: coating peeling off, lens turning yellow, scratches, etc.
  2. Installation Issue: unstable installation, lens fitting issues
  3. Prescription Issue: The lens power does not match the prescription provided by the customer

Please note that damages and defects caused by daily wear or human factors are not covered.

Please contact our CS first.

The buyer shall bear the postage cost of returning the product. The postage for the first shipment will not be refunded.

Please ensure that the packaging is good and filled the right information. We are not responsible for the damage caused during delivery.

Please contact before returning your eyewear to us. We will provide you with a  return address.

Spectacle lenses are highly customised products which cannot be sold again, thus there is no unconditional return.

In case of any dispute, Super Clear Optical Limited reserves the right of final decision.

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