Bausch+Lomb BioTrue One Day

Bausch+Lomb BioTrue One Day

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Lens diameter (DIA)
Base Curve (BC)
(-)Myopia, (+)Hyperopia


Biotrue ONEday Daily Contact Lenses
Biotrue ONEday from Bausch and Lomb are one-a-day contact lenses. These lenses are inspired by and designed to match the internal properties and behaviour of the human eye. Biotrue ONEday are renowned for their ability to provide lasting, all-day comfort.

HyperGel material
The creators of Biotrue ONEday lenses have used a high-performance HyperGel material that combines classic hydrogel with silicone-hydrogel. This combination guarantees a very high water content and oxygen permeability. The HyperGel technology works based on active particles in the top layer of the lens‘ material. These particles then create a lipid layer, which has the ability to prevent dehydration. The lenses remain pleasantly moist and maintain their exceptional optical properties throughout the day. The water content is 78%.


Bausch & Lomb


Spherical (+/-)


Daily Disposable

Pack Size

30 lenses

Lenses Material

Nesofilcon A 22%

Water content


Oxygen permeability

42 Dk/t
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