SC HD Lens - Bi-Focal Lens

SC HD Lens - Bi-Focal Lens

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SC HD Lens. In house brand, providing quality lens at economic price

RX lenses, not limited by the 2.00D astigmatism of stock lenses.

For patient with Presbyopia, progressive is a good choice. However, some patients cannot adopt the progressive lens' distortion at sides. Then Bi-Focal Lens is a good choice for them.


There is a clear line in the middle of Bi-Focal Lens to separates the 2 focal areas. The upper of lens is for distance vision and the bottom is for near vision. Like Progressive lens, prescription involve an additional spherical power (ADD).


Bi-Focal Lens with Hard Multi-Coating

Lens Thinness (Standard 1.56 / Thin 1.6)
Hard Multi-Coating

  • Hydrophobic, Smudge Anti-Reflective, Scratch Resistant, UV 400

Sphere and Cylinder Power

Sphere (-)MAX 10.00D
Sphere (-)
MAX 4.00D
MAX 4.00D
ADDFrom +1.00D to +3.50D
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