Essilor - Transitions Xtractive Lens RX

Essilor - Transitions Xtractive Lens RX

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Transitions Xtraactive Lens with Crizal-Sapphire-360˚ UV Coating
Refractive Index (Standard 1.5 / Thin 1.59)

Spherical Design, better wrap angle adaptable than Aspherical lens.
Transitions Xtractive Coating react to visible light, thus there is a slight tint indoor.

Unit: 1 pair lenses
Installation cost included
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Transitions Xtractive

  • A darker ver. of Transition, react to visible light. It can transit inside vehicles.
  • Better protection for those stays in strong sunlight for a longtime.
  • Born with blue control function, more stable photochromic performance and more durable.

Crizal-Sapphire-360˚ UV

With Essilor's latest Multi-angular Technology (Nano Grading Process). Its optimal anti-reflective treatment, designed to reduce reflections on both the front and back of the lens regardless of the light’s incidence angle. Comparing with Crizal Forte UV ,there is a more advanced performance on Hydrophobic, Smudge Anti-Reflective, Advanced Scratch Resistant, UV400 functions.


Advanced Performance on Hydrophobic, Smudge Anti-Reflective, Scratch Resistant and UV400

Essilor-Sapphire-anti reflection

Sphere and Cylinder Power

Sphere (-)MAX 10.00D
Sphere (+)MAX 4.00D
AstigmMAX 4.00D

If your prescription is outside the range, please contact us.

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