ESSILOR - Anti-Fatigue Lens (Eyezen)

ESSILOR - Anti-Fatigue Lens (Eyezen)

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Eyezen Lens with Crizal Prevencia Coating (Blue Control)
Refractive Index (Standard 1.5/1.56/ Thin 1.61/ Super Thin 1.67)

Remark: Blue control lens come with a slightly color shift. Refractive Index 1.67 is RX lenses, not limited by the 2.00D astigmatism of stock lenses. 

Unit: 1 pair lenses
Installation cost included
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Eyezen Multi Functions Anti-fatigue Lens

Eyezen is designed for a connected life to relax and help protect eyes from screens. It can significantly release digital eye strain.

Focus Technology : The lower portion of the lens is designed for near vision which help release visual fatigue.

Light Scan Technology : This advanced technology selectively filters out 20% of harmful blue-violet light emitted from digital screens.

W.A.V.E. Technology : Essilor Wavefront Advanced Vision Enhancement Technology, used in manufacturing Eyezen lenses, identifies and eliminates distortion on lenses.

The Blue control coating blocks out harmful blue-violet light while letting beneficial light pass through. Advanced Performance on Hydrophobic, Smudge Anti-Reflective, Scratch Resistant and UV400.

Sphere and Cylinder Power

Sphere (-)MAX 6.00D
Sphere (+)MAX 3.00D
AstigmMAX 2.00D

If your prescription is outside the range, please contact us.

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